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Bulk Slash is a 3D mecha action game for the Sega Saturn.

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Alternate Titles バルク スラッシュ
Genre 3D Action
# of Players 1
Developer(s) C.A. Production
Publisher(s) Hudson Soft
Release Dates July 11th, 1997 (JP)
August 20th, 1998 (JP) (Satakore)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (JP)
¥ 2,800 (JP) (Satakore)
Product IDs T-14310G (JP)
T-14325G (JP) (Satakore)
Barcodes 4988607201128 (JP)
4988607201326 (JP) (Satakore)
Rating Suitable for All Ages

Bulk Slash Overview

Bulk Slash is one of the most overlooked and forgotten action games on the Sega Saturn. I’ve been recommending it to people every opportunity I get because it seems like most people don’t know a thing about it.

BS is a 3D action game where you get to take control of a mech with a various forms of attack. The unique thing about this game is that you can convert your mech from walking to jet mode with the press of a button. This allows you to navigate through the 3D environment in whatever manner you’d like and live out all of your Macross fantasies. Well, at least all of them that don’t involve Minmay.

You are not alone, though! Each stage has it’s own Navigator to locate, part of the M.I.S.S. (Manageable Intelligent Support System). These are unique ladies that you can pick up and take on as navigators. They will react to things going on in the game and give you directions similar to what we saw in Burning Rangers. Stick with one till the end of the game and score enough points and you’ll see extra ending content with them.

bulk slash m.i.s.s. reaction

Complete all of a stages’ objectives and you’ll initiate a boss encounter. Destroy it and you’ll get to see a live broadcast covering the enemies’s destruction!

Overall, it’s a fairly unique game that more people should pick up and check out.

Bulk Slash Screenshots

Bulk Slash Videos

Bulk Slash / バルク スラッシュ ~ Opening
Bulk Slash [Saturn] by CAProduction [HD] [1080p60]

Bulk Slash Wallpapers

I could not seem to locate any wallpapers for the game nor did I have any great quality artwork to make one from. If you happen to have some or come across any, please let us know!

Other Media

The game’s manual is below.

Some promotional flyers for the game.

bulk slash flyer

bulk slash flyer 2

Bulk Slash got some coverage in the UK magazine Saturn Power’s sixth issue.

Bulk Slash Merchandise

I could not seem to locate any merchandise for Bulk Slash. If you happen to know of any or come across anything, please let us know!

Random Information

-The game’s manual actually folds out. It appears as if all copies of the game have the cover glued to the case and the fold-out manual is supposed to be stored inside of it.

-The Sega Mission Stick controller will not be recognized by Bulk Slash.

-The game was released on the same day as Technosoft’s Thunder Force V for the Saturn, which had been originally planned for a week earlier, but was delayed.

This is a quirky coincidence, as C.A. Production was a team Hudson put together from headhunted Technosoft team members that had developed Herzog Zwei, Thunder Force II, and Thunder Force III.


SuperDeadite’s FAQ with information on how to play the game can be found here.

Cheats & Secrets

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must be entered)

F6000914 C305
B6002800 0000

Infinite Time

160234F6 460B

Infinite Energy

160235D0 1000

Airship Infinite Energy

160686F4 1800


Osamu Tsujikawa (辻川治)

Animation Director
Hiroki Kanno (菅野宏紀)

Character Design
Natsume Kunihiko (夏目久仁彦)

Shie production (シーエープロダクション)

Sound & Composition
T’s Music

Voice Cast

Chris Dawley / クレス・ドーリー
Koyasu Takehito (子安武人)

Reezen Ravia / リーゼン・ラヴィア
Yuri Amano (天野由梨)

Leone Rhodes / レオネ・ローデス
Miki Nagasawa ( 長沢美樹)

Lila Hart / リラ・ハート
Hikami Kyōko (氷上恭子)

Metical Flair / メティカル・フレアー
Michiko Neya (根谷美智子)

Naira Savage / ナイラ・サベージ
Ai Orikasa (折笠愛)

Rupiah Rood / ルピア・ルード
Naoko Matsui (松井菜桜子)

Karen Steiner / コロン・スタイナー
Yuko Mizutani (水谷優子)

Kina Dibiase / キナ・デビアス
Kōrogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)

Michio Tachikawa / ミチオ・タチカワ

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Manual pictures thanks to Saturn Memories!

-Promotional flyer thanks to Greg’s Life.

-Second flyer thanks to Gamengai.

-Game Shark codes thanks to Kim