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Annet Futatabi is the last installment in the Earnest Evans trilogy. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly mediocre beat `em up for the Mega CD.

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Alternate Titles アネット・再び
“Annet Returns”
“Annet Again”
Genre Beat `em up
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Wolfteam
Publisher(s) Wolfteam (Japan)
Samsung (Korea)
Release Dates March 30th, 1993 (Japan)
? (Korea)
Release Prices ¥7,800 (Japan)
? (Korea)
Product IDs T-32104 (Japan)
? (Korea)
Barcodes 4988624990913 (Japan)
? (Korea)
Rating ? (Japan)
? (Korea)

Annet Futatabi Review

Fans of the development house known as Wolfteam will know who Annet is. Actually, chances are, they know what this game is and what it’s about. Genesis action game fans will be familiar with Annet from the very solid El Viento and that’s probably what they’ll expect if they are lucky enough to get their hands on this game. Unfortunately, Annet Futatabi doesn’t quite attain the same level of quality.

AF starts about two or three years after the ending of El Viento. Annet and Earnest (he’s her adoptive father, not her boyfriend) travel to Europe. But, what’s this? The local palace guards start attacking Annet, bent on obtaining her magical pendant for some odd reason. Why do they want it? Play through AF to find out!

AF, unfortunately, is nothing like El Viento. It shares much more with the Sega arcade classic Golden Axe. AF has Annet in a beat `em up that features a few moves and some magic spells to cast. She’s armed with her “Sword of Light,” not her trademark boomerangs. She can slash, jump kick, and do all of the standard early beat `em up moves. The magic attacks are not very original. Fry your foes with the breath of a dragon. Seen it millions of times, but you won’t be see it in AF. For some reason, there’s no fire, just a dragon head. It’s a bit underwhelming.

Annet Futatabi artworkOddly enough, the magic attacks don’t seem to work too well on the bosses. Why? No idea, really. Seems to be a funny bug or an odd choice of the game’s designers. Also, the way your magic is refreshed as time goes on makes it too easy to just sit and wait for it to fill, continue onward, fry opponents, and then repeat. It’s a boring and easy way to get through AF. Unfortunately, it works all too well.

The gameplay could be a lot better if it weren’t for one really glaring problem myself and others had a beef with. Whenever you get knocked down, it will take Annet a few moments to get back up on her feet, ready for action. This gives the enemy just enough time to launch another attack. This means that if you get knocked down, chances are pretty good that you might get hit again. Repeat the cycle until you lose a life. Of course, this doesn’t always happen, but it sure happens more than enough. The recovery time should’ve been eased a bit to facilitate smoother gameplay.

Also, there’s an odd problem concerning the goals you need to accomplish to progress through levels. Namely, you must defeat all of the enemies on-screen and off to move further in the level. Frequently, enemies will take a good moment or two to come into vision so you can beat them to death.

The cinemas in the game look very nice, and help advance the Annet (and Earnest) storyline for fans of the Wolfteam games. They’ll probably also keep most gamers playing, even if they aren’t compelled to continue for gameplay reasons alone. The music from Motio Sakuraba (Shining Force III, Shining the Holy Ark, Star Ocean series, and much more) is fairly good quality and stands out in a game that’s not very well polished.

The game suffers from some slowdown when more than three enemies are on-screen. Luckily, there’s never more than four present at any given time. There’s also the occasional flicker. Hunh?!? Where’d Annet’s chest go? I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW!!!

Overall, the effort needed to obtain this game rules out it’s worth for most potential players. However, if you’re a fan of the El Viento or Earnest Evans games, and want to experience another adventure in the series, this is your only ticket, bub. Redeem it if you dare.



Intro cinema

Game Over sequence


Here is some artwork from the manual.


Here are some wallpapers for the game.


Thanks to Rage Quitter 87’s fan shrine scans, I was able to piece together a scan of the Annet Futatabi manual here in PDF format.


On May 18th, 2007, EGG Music made the game’s soundtrack available as a licensed digital download with 14 tracks. You can purchase it at their website here if you wish to do so. Unfortunately, it is a rather unceremonious release of just the MP3s with no real fanfare or additional media.

annet futatabi original soundtrack

Random Information

Annet Futatabi was supposedly planned to be localized in North America as Annet Again by Renovation, according to issue #46 of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). You can see the snippet on the page below.

Electronic Gaming Monthly 47 096 annet again citizen x

Annet Futatabi features menus and game text entirely in English. Only the voices in the animations and the ending credits are in Japanese.

-You cannot convert the game’s region using a country conversion program to play the game on Sega CD or Mega CD from another region. At least you couldn’t when I last tried in the early 2000s.

Cheats & Secrets

The closest thing we could find for Annet Futatabi cheats is this ISO hack you can do with a hex editor. It was posted by Mezmorize on

Infinite Health
Search For: 4E716000FD127600363900FF40A89779
Replace With: 4E716000FD127600363900FF40A86004

There are 9 Instances.

Song Lyrics

Below are the romaji lyrics for the opening theme along with an English translation.


Free anata-wa
Kaze-sae tsukamu sube-wo shitteru

Fly toba-shite
Kokoro-wo motto motto tooku-e

Hiroi muchû no naka-de aratana inochi
Ima-mo umareteiru koto deshô kitto

Subete-wo tsutsumikomu daichi no
Kodô-wo kiita nara wagaru hazu

Kizu tsuke nikushimi au koto-wa yamete

Moeru you-na mirai so no te ni

Anneto futatabi


Free – you know how to grab ahold of even the wind

Fly – [fly] ever onward in your mind

Another life within this vast universe is sure to be born even now

If you desire, wrap up everything within the heartbeat of the Earth –

It might stop the fit of hate and hurt –

And let the future burn in their hands

Annet returns


Character Design
Masatomo Sudou

Motoi Sakuraba

Toru Shimizu

Executive Producer
Masahiro Akishino

Opening theme composer
Shinji Tamura

Opening theme lyricist
Tomoko Nakajima

Opening theme singer
Minaguchi Yuuko

Joe Asanuma

Voice Cast

Annet Mayer
Yuko Minaguchi

Ernest Evans
Kazuki Yao

Siegfried Munchausen
Ryo Horikawa

Takaya Hashi

Princess Aisha
Michie Tomizawa

Lieutenant Kirk
Kappei Yamaguchi

Colonel Barjilis Dorlisen
Banjō Ginga

Fake princess
Saeko Shimazu

False god
Ryo Horikawa

External Links

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Some cover scans obtained from Sega Retro.

-Mezmorize for the infinite health hex editor hack.

-RageQuitter and popfan95b for the lyrics to the opening theme.

-ShinForce for a wallpaper.