Chakan questions Ed Annunziata about the ultimately cancelled Dreamcast Chakan game.

ed-annunziattaWe recently got the chance to ask AndNow‘s ED Annunziata (known as “The Boss” of the studio) some questions about their upcoming Chakan sequel. There’s been no press what-so-ever about the game recently, so we were wondering what was up. Ed happens to reveal a few details about the game below, which make us very excited. Look to SEGAFans for any Chakan-related updates!

SEGAFans: Has the game been canned?

ED: No its not been canned.

SEGAFans: Was it hard bringing the original gameplay into a 3d world?

ED: Some elements are difficult (good question) but new elements are too. It’s coming out very nice.

SEGAFans: Any new game elements?

ED: Several: Image flashes serve as clues to know your enemy. Chakan is alive, watch where he’s looking to get a sense where danger is.

SEGAFans: Will alchemy (the mixing of potions) play as an important rule as the original?

ED: Yes, but even more. All powerups are recipes of colored viles but we’re trying to have 100s of variations and BAD mixes too.

SEGAFans: Will Chakan collect anything like the four tools from the original?

ED: Yes, but he can switch from one to another instantly.

SEGAFans: When should we expect the game?

ED: When it’s done. We’re not making any promises.

SEGAFans: What platforms will Chakan be coming to?

ED: The question is which will be first… I don’t really know right now.

SEGAFans: Any last comments for our readers?

ED: Chakan if VERY special to us. We have decided a long time ago that the only important thing about this game is that its done RIGHT. At least as far as we’re concerned. Besides for the tons of email I get about Chakan, we feel no pressure to rush this game out the door. If you’re anxious to see more, please be patient – it will come. Maybe this will piss off a lot of folks that have been waiting – but I hope in the end when you play the game you will agree that it was worth the wait.

We’d like to thank the people at AndNow for their time, and especially thank Ed for the new details he’s revealed about one of the game we’re most anxious to play. And don’t you think we missed that addition of the mp3 file on Chakan’s website recently. :)


Concept Art

All of this concept art was done by Steve Ross.