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Tiger Electronics released this Altered Beast LCD game.

Altered Beast LCD Game Images


Alternate Titles
Publisher(s) Tiger Electronics
Grandstand (EU)
Release Dates 1990 (JP)
1990 (NA)
December 1990 (EU)
1990 (BR)
Release Prices ¥ ? (JP)
$ ? (NA)
£ 24.99 (EU)
R$ ? (BR)
Product IDs ? (JP)
7-831 (NA)
? (EU)
? (BR)
Barcodes 4974365313074 (JP)
In Package LCD Handheld game, instructions

Miscellaneous Notes

Now you can take the action of Altered Beast on the go thanks to Tiger Electronics! As with most of these LCD games, the experience was rather lackluster, but many children didn’t have a lot of options for portable entertainment at the time. You might have had a Game Boy, I suppose, but it doesn’t have Altered Beast!

The game’s name is misspelled on the front of the Japanese box, which is rather humorous and sad.

You can download a rather poor scan of the North American instructions in PDF here.

The Japanese instructions were photographed and available below.


Here’s a video of the game in action.

Altered Beast - GiG Tiger anni '80

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Julius took many quality photographs of his Japanese unit and packaging for me. Thanks!