Mission Statement

Sega Scream aims to serve the Sega community by fulfilling the following goals:

1 – To provide relevant and useful information about the latest Sega news, video games, and other Sega-related things (anime, toys, etc.)

2 – To be a place where fans of Sega can congregate and freely talk about Sega as well as other interests

3 – To be the top source for ideas and help for maintaining a healthy Sega-based lifestyle

4 – To be your favorite website by having well-written articles, sublime as well as outlandish humour, and enough content to keep you occupied for days at a time

Through these four ideals, Sega Scream will become the number one independent Sega-related website in the world.

History of Sega Scream

Sega Scream was originally launched as Sega Saturn Online back on August 14th, 1998. Chakan spent most of the time working on his then new Saturn and Legend of Oasis FAQs, while updating the site with codes and other news bytes he found. At some point in later August, he dropped his FAQs and started working on the site during all of his free time.

Things eventually evolved and the site switched from one host to another back to it’s original location. The site was put on hold for a small amount of time, and then work was resumed. The site was then renamed to The Unofficial Sega Saturn Homepage.


Sometime soon later (during Spring of 1999), TUSSH (yeesh!) was accepted for hosting by Classic Gaming’s Kevin “Fragmaster” Bown, and Chakan was able to add more and more to the site. The site began to grow and he spent a lot of time with it. Then life got in the way again for a while (see a pattern?).

Around the middle and end of December 1999, Chakan began giving the site a major facelift, and expanded it’s focus to include the Sega CD (and CD/32x). The site was renamed Sega CDX, and started to get a bit more popular (especially the forums).


The site continued to grow in content and focus, eventually encompassing everything Sega, both classic and current. Soon enough, the site was renamed once again, this time being called SegaFans.

Chakan continued to run the site much on his own until 2003, when he enlisted the help of benstylus – mostly for content updates like new Game of the Moment articles.

On February 10, 2004, Chakan decided it was time to step away from SegaFans for a time and left it in the hands of benstylus, who ran the site for a couple of years until turning it over to JoshF.


In November of 2009, Chakan broke out the defibrillator pads and resurrected SegaFans. Things ran fine for a couple of years and then we ran into issues with the site’s host. Chakan was too busy at the time to deal with everything, so the site ended up getting shut down in 2012.

In August of 2013, in honor of the site’s 15th anniversary, Chakan got some time and re-opened SegaFans.

On December 26th, 2015, SegaFans became Sega Scream.