3d gunstar heroes

3D Gunstar Heroes is a port of the Sega Genesis game for the Nintendo 3DS.

3D Gunstar Heroes Information

3D Gunstar Heroes is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop in North America and Europe during August 2015! It will release on June 24th, 2015 in Japan.

Additional features will include 3D effects, two-player co-op via local wireless, a filter to emulate the look of older televisions, configurable controls, the ability to play the Japanese or International versions, the option to double the player’s starting vitality, and a “Full Spec” mode.

In “Full Spec” mode, the player has access to all 14 weapon combinations during play and can assign different combinations to different buttons, as well as switching between the different firing modes of Red and Blue.


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Japanese 3D Trailer

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