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25th Anniversary of Streets of Rage

August 2, 2016

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Today marks the 25th anniversary of Streets of Rage‘s original release!

Bare Knuckle cover

Of course, the game was released originally in Japan as Bare Knuckle with this fantastic cover gracing it’s case.

Where were you when you first encountered Streets of Rage?

My Uncle was in his late teens while I was 9 years old in the fall of 1991. He had obtained a Sega Genesis fairly early and I always looked forward to trying the latest games out when we visited. It was at his house that I first experienced Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and many other classic Sega games.

Somehow the arcade games simply had not been available in my area, with mostly Capcom and Namco machines filling the spots in the entryways of grocery and corner stores. You know, the usual places a young man would find arcade cabinets in the late 1980s in rural America!

Streets of Rage NA front cover

So it was on an all-too short visit to my Uncle’s house that I would first discover Streets of Rage. I recall having seen some coverage of it in magazines prior, but the printed page and text simply could not communicate the experience that this game offers.

As we all know, the game is great. A wonderful rival for Capcom’s Final Fight with aesthetics and a soundtrack that blows it’s competitor away.

How do you feel when reflecting on 25 years of pounding asses to thumping music?

I feel… wonderful!

Yuzo Koshiro - Streets of Rage DJ Set (Full)

One thought on “25th Anniversary of Streets of Rage

  1. SoR v5 Remake needs to be ported to Xbox and PSN to reinforce how awesome it is. Everyone who isn’t familiar with SoR that I introduce the remake v5 to, love it.

    When successful, an official sequal should be made.

    Streets of Rage: Reunion
    Side scroll but more interactive with camera zooms for special combos, attacks or cinematic scenes. Guns will need to be used to prvent any typical cliche “beat-em up and not get shot” type of storyline or “it always seems to be just a fleshwound” scenario.

    Characters: Axel, Blaze, Adam and Rodra with unlockable characters Max and Shiva. Up to 4 players can play with the option of players not being able to hit each other.

    Also a prequel story version of SoR for each character which goes through stages and cinematics which fills in the story prior to the original SoR. Perhaps called Streets of Rage: Before the Rage or something.

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