Year: 2015

Is Sega the Next Atari? has posted an interview with Tom Kalinske in which the former CEO of Sega of America placed some blame for the companies’ downfall on the decision not to partner with Sony.

Tom Kalinske

The relevant snippet from the article is below.

Kalinske spoke with earlier this month at the DICE Summit, just days after Sega announced staff reductions and the relocation of its San Francisco offices. Though Kalinske said he doesn’t keep especially close tabs on the mainstream gaming space these days, he was shocked to hear his old company was pulling out of San Francisco. And while it might have seemed a foregone conclusion that Sega couldn’t compete in the gaming industry once giants like Sony and Microsoft got involved, Kalinske dismissed the notion.

“It was not inevitable,” Kalinske said. “It could have been avoided if they had made the right decisions going back literally 20 years ago. But they seem to have made the wrong decisions for 20 years.”

Regardless of Sega’s ability to best the deep-pocketed intruders, Kalinske said it could have joined them had the right decisions been made.

“One of the key reasons why I left Sega is when we had the opportunity to work with Sony, when [Sony Interactive CEO] Olaf Olafsson, [Sony Corporation of America president and CEO] Mickey Schulhof and I had agreed we were going to do one platform, share the development cost of it, share the probable loss for a couple years on it, but each benefit from the software we could bring to that platform. Of course, in those days, we were much better at software than they were, so I saw this as a huge win. We went to Sony and they agreed, ‘Great idea.’ Whether we called it Sega-Sony or Sony-Sega, who cared? We go to Sega and the board turned it down, which I thought was the stupidest decision ever made in the history of business. And from that moment on, I didn’t feel they were capable of making the correct decisions in Japan any longer.”

The rest of the article deals with saving tarnished brands and Kalinske’s view on what Nintendo should do in the future.

Is it just me or do you guys think Darrell Hammond from SNL could do a great Tom Kalinske impression?


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SMS Homebrew Animus XS is Now Called Mantissa Experiment

A while back, we posted about an SMS homebrew game named Animus XS that was in the works by French developer Furrtek. Since that original posting, the developer has continued work on the game and recently changed it’s name to Mantissa Experiment.

The game cartridge will feature an additional chip in it now to help with sprite animation.

The prototype cover art was recently released as well.


The developer promises another video update on the game soon!

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Sonic X-treme Playable Demo Released

It’s been a long time coming, but a group of Sonic fans released a playable demo of Sonic X-treme for Windows today.

The demo released today features the jungle level seen in the footage for the game shown at E3 1996. The demo was created by editing existing code found for the game and polishing it into working order.

The group intends to release more builds featuring additional areas and features in the future.

You can find a download link below in the group’s release notes.

Before we continue I’d like to give my appreciation to all who were involved.
Thanks to JollyRoger putting in massive amounts of Blood Sweat And tears to port the original assets over to modern windows making this release and future releases possible for us to experience.
Thanks to Tichua for contributing the source materials.
Thx for Bormon for taking the time to do a mini documentary video in regards to the release.
Also Thanks to for hosting the leak.
And myself for other miscellaneous tasks. (you don’t need to thank me for anything as my role was minor)

For me personally, the past 19 years has been a very long wait to be able to play This game, Sure its not finished and only a very early build, and yes that aspect really shows!
However, I believe that if X-treme were finished, It may have been a whole other game than what this early beta portrays. (who knows)

Anyhow with the above rant out of the way! A proper description:
Sonic X-treme’s Version 037 engine has been painstakingly ported to Modern Windows and Open GL by JollyRoger, from Windows 95 and also required the NV1 Graphic’s card hardware..

And Guess what ?! This port of X-treme is out there right now! Ready for “YOU” to download and enjoy!
Check out for your very own copy here——–> GO AND GET IT! !

However, We’d like to point out that this is a single level release.( More builds and levels to come later !)
We would also like you to know that this is an almost as is port of the engine (Almost as how the original developers had left it, A snapshot in time “if you will”.
This first public release consists of a Jungle level, which I like to refer to as “The E3 Jade Gully level” since it was shown in one of the E3 96 Promo videos.

Fun Facts:
*JollyRoger had to massage much of the code back into place to restore functionality since some code had been commented out due to being in mid engine re-wright by STI or POV.

*The game ran on the NV1 GPU by Nvidia, supported true Quad polygons (Like Sega Saturn) instead of quads made up of 2 triangles.

*Currently the port lacks true quad polygon rendering, *check out the sides of slopes where the textures look distorted*
Future releases may or may not incorporate true quad like rendering to fix the issue.

*The level data file itself had to be edited to improve physics to the point of playability, As well as remove ring collisions so the level could be explored properly. ( rings would push sonic off ledges if he walked near them)

*The Bouncing ball effect when sonic Lands can be disabled. Which allows for better playability, but in this case it was kept to better match the E3 Videos.

*You guys can tweak physics quite easily by opening the .def files in your text editor of your choice.

*I had attempted to fix up the Sonic Magnetic effect so as to help Sonic better when rotating the level in ball mode. This was tried so that it wouldn’t sling shot sonic over the edge of sharp angles when rotating the levels.
I did have it fixed so that the slingshot no longer happened, but it caused other issues with Gravity, and gravity relative to jumping (causing low jump heights), Jumping near walls and celling would cause sonic to stick to objects incorrectly.
Many of these could be remedied by counter balancing with other tweaks, however after 3 days worth of trying, I just could not find a sweet spot that replicated the feel of the E3 video gameplay clips without the rotation sling shot flying issue.
(so we had to give up fixing the Magnetic level rotations in favor of better play Mechanics. ( perhaps one of you may be able to find that sweet spot)

* More Builds and levels to come !

EDIT: Due to some people not having access to the Assembler forums without having an account, here are the links!

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