Month: June 2015

Vectorman: Ultra Concept Artwork Uncovered

Unseen64 published a gallery yesterday of uncovered Vectorman Ulta concept artwork. The game was being designed by Blue Sky for the Sega Saturn soon after the release of Vectorman 2 in 1996. Unfortunately, the game never was greenlighted and we’ll never know what could have been. It is unknown as of this time if a prototype was ever created for the game.

It seems Ellis Goodson was the primary graphic artist behind this concept art. Some of the artwork’s shown up randomly for auction in the past, so it’s nice to be able to have it all collected now.

Vectorman fans might also want to check out their page on the also cancelled Vectorman PS2 game by Pseudo Interactive.

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Asuka 120% Limit Over Fan Translation Released

asuka-120-limited-burning-fest-frontAsuka 120% Limit Over is a modded version of the 1997 Japanese Sega Saturn fighting game Asuka 120% Limited BURNING Fest. The rumor is that the original development team was responsible for the patch that was circulated on the internet in Japan. Around 2007, some fans at Lost Levels’ forum discovered this mod and it slowly started making the rounds on the English speaking parts of the internet.

Now another fan has released an English fan translation for this mod. Essentially, all of the characters names are now in English so you can more easily select them via the in-game menus. They also documented their translation process fairly well.

You’ll still need a patched version of the original game in BIN/CUE format to apply the translation, but at least this game is now more accessible for the rest of the world.


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New Section: Sega Saturn Manuals

Segata-Sanshiro-black-and-whiteAmong the many different things we’ve added to the site over the past week or two is the beginning of a new collection of Sega Saturn manuals. Over 50 Japanese and North American manuals are available so far, all in PDF format. We aimed for most of the popular games, with a heavy leaning on RPGs and such for the first batch.

You can find our collection of Sega Saturn manuals here.

If there’s a specific game you’d like to see get added sooner than later, please contact us and let us know!

Also of relevance is a new page cataloging Saturn games that support the 3D Control Pad’s Analog mode. You can see the list over here.

These are just some of the recent additions. Feel free to check out the many wallpapers, Sega Ringtones, Sega Song Lyrics (a returning old section), and just a ton of other things I can’t recall from the past week. Expect even more soon!

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Yakuza 5 Developer Interview Part 1

Sega has released the first of three interviews with Toshihiro Nagoshi and Masayoshi Yokoyama about Yakuza 5. In it, they answer questions from fans about the game.

Yakuza 5’s still due out on PSN worldwide sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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HUCAST Games Announces Elansar & Philia for Dreamcast

HUCAST Games announced two new adventure games coming in a combo pack for the Sega Dreamcast. They let us in on a few details for the games.

Elansar is a point & click adventure game.
The premise of the game is to explore an island and solve puzzles.

Will you uncover the Island’s mystery ?

Elina’s husband is now in danger !
Will you help her to rescue him through Elina’s subconscious mysteries ?

Philia is an adventure game, the sequel to Elansar.
Explore three worlds and solve over 15 puzzles by trying to understand how they work.

The combo pack will retail for 32.95 EUR, or roughly $37 USD right now.

elensar & philia

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Sonic and Me, Site Updates

I just published a new article, Sonic the Hedgehog and Me. It details my own personal history with the franchise in honor of it’s 24th anniversary. I hope you enjoy it.


Site news on this front page has been fairly quiet. I’ve been posting the majority of updates on the forums here. I’ve been a busy beaver and just didn’t feel like spamming the main site or social media feeds with every little update.

Also, be sure to follow our forum thread for Shenmue 3 news. I only want to post the major stuff on the main page for the same reason.

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