Month: May 2015

Data Discs Limited Editions SOLD OUT!

Well, we hope you got the chance to pre-order either a Shenmue or Streets of Rage limited edition LP from Data Discs – because both of the LEs were sold out on the first day!

Unfortunately, it’s more likely that a good number of them are going to opportunistic individuals than genuine enthusiasts. What a bummer.

It’s no surprise that Data Discs LPs have proven to be popular. The packages, especially the Street of Rage release, look great.



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SBom Taisen Pack for Sega Saturn


sbom-taisen-pack-04 sbom-taisen-pack-03 sbom-taisen-pack-02 sbom-taisen-pack-06

Manufacturer: Hudson Soft

Released: 199X in Japan

Initial Price: 6,800 yen

In Package: SBom multitap, two SBom Joycard controllers

Misc. Notes: Hudson released this great Bomberman-themed package for the Sega Saturn. The controllers feature Turbo and Slow modes for every single button, even the Start button.

Below is a promotional ad for the pack obtained from Sega Retro, uploaded by user Black Squirrel. The back cover scan from above also comes from the same source.


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Sega Dreamcast Memes

Here is a collection of Sega Dreamcast memes for you to enjoy and pass on to your friends. If you come across something we don’t have here, please post it to the forums or contact us!

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Sega Saturn Memes

Here is a collection of Sega Saturn memes for you to enjoy and pass on to your friends. If you come across something we don’t have here, please post it to the forums or contact us!

sega-saturn-watches-over-you surfed-the-net-and-had-multiplayer-online-gaming-in-1996 sega-saturn-head-cosplayers-tgs-2012 segata-sanshiro-chuck-norris segata-sanshiro-bitches-dont-know-bout-my-sega-saturn

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Data Discs to Release New Shenmue & Streets of Rage Vinyl LPs

The internet is ablaze with buzz this week as news broke out that Data Discs will be releases new Shenmue & Streets of Rage vinyl LP albums. The audio has been remastered for these new albums and they go on sale on May 30th, 2015 when the company’s website opens for business.

These two albums will be the companies’ initial offerings, and the company states on their Facebook page that they have obtained the rights to “develop their back catalogue on vinyl.” That means even more releases are possibly on the way!

Both of the albums will have multiple editions available. You can read their notes on each release below!


The original soundtrack to the classic SEGA game, newly remastered in collaboration with legendary composer, Yuzo Koshiro. This is the first part of Koshiro’s monumental trilogy, all of which will be released by Data Discs.

Packaged in original artwork sourced from the SEGA archives and available in the following editions:

• 180g translucent red vinyl with black splatter (exclusive to the Data Discs website)
• 180g translucent red vinyl
• 180g black virgin vinyl

All copies include a traditional OBI strip and 2 x lithographic prints featuring artwork from the Japanese and US/EU editions of the game. Initial orders will also include 5 x playing cards featuring original character art, packaged in a hand-stamped envelope (while stocks last).

The price is £19.99, across all editions.


The original soundtrack to the groundbreaking SEGA game, newly remastered and available for the first time ever on vinyl. A selection of beautiful orchestral tracks from one of the most important games of all time. This release will be available in the following editions:

• 180g translucent blue vinyl with ‘colour in colour’ effect (exclusive to the Data Discs website)
• 180g translucent blue vinyl
• 180g black virgin vinyl

All copies include a traditional OBI strip, spot varnished cover and a lithographic print. Featuring music by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Ryuji Iuchi, Osamu Murata and Yuzo Koshiro.

The price is £19.99, across all editions.

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Sega Saturn Released 20 Years Ago in North America

This one came upon me almost as surprising as the console’s own release. The Sega Saturn came out in North American 20 years ago on this date.

The Saturn, for those of you who didn’t know or forgot with the passage of time, had a surprise early launch in the region. Sega of Japan decided to release the console, which had been scheduled for September of 1995, early to get an advantage over Sony’s PlayStation. During E3 of that year, Tom Kalinske shocked most of the attendees by revealing that consoles were already shipped to select retailers across the region.

Unfortunately, this pissed off many retailers who weren’t among those chosen. Even worse, almost all third-party publishers were caught by surprise. Their games were on track for a Fall release and the new console shipped with only 6 Sega-published titles available initially.

And what of the video game buying public? Many were hesitant to give Sega’s new machine a chance. Sega’s 32X add-on for the Sega Genesis had been released only 6 months prior and bombed terribly on the market. The Saturn was retailing for $399. Many decided to wait and see what the PlayStation had to offer before making a major purchase.

Naturally, the North American launch is considered a disaster,

Thunder Force V

Despite all of this, the Saturn’s worldwide library still holds a special place in many of our hearts. So many of the non-3D games hold up fairly well today and are just as fun to play. Today, this writer fired up his Saturn to play Thunder Force V. What Saturn games are you playing?

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