Year: 2014

It’s Happening! Yakuza 5 To Be Released In The West!


It’s been quite a while since I gave up hope on it happening, but I guess someone’s getting their Christmas wish this year!

Yakuza 5 will be coming to the Playstation 3 here in the West sometime in 2015. That’s the good news.

The bad? It’s digital download only.


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Sega Home Movies – The Genesis Power Team

Youtube channel Sega Channel has uploaded a video featuring a home made promo trape titled “The Genesis Power Team.” Taped in 1991, it features his dad trying to convince his other family members how much fun a Genesis is compared to their NES.

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Once You See It, It Will Bother You Forever

Reddit user ZadocPaet posted the following image in /r/gamecollecting today pointing out Doom for 32X’s side art. I’ve honestly never paid attention to it before and now think I will always be bothered when I see it. Thanks a lot!


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Westone Filed for Bankruptcy

It was revealed at the turn of this month that Westone Bit Entertainment, developers of the much loved Wonder Boy franchise, filed for bankruptcy. They have entered a liquidation state and there is no news yet about where their IP might end up.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap was one of the most sublime experiences I had as a young child with my Sega Master System. That affection for the franchise would later continue with Wonder Boy in Monster World on the Genesis a handful of years later.

I’m hoping Westone’s IP ends up in hands that have a desire to use it. Just not as pachinko machine decorations, please.

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Korean Shenmue Fan Recreates Scenes in HD

RuliWed has reported on Korean Shenmue fan NoconKid’s work. So far, NoconKid has recreated the Game Center arcade from Shenmue in HD and a few street spots. His Game Center includes many new additions, though!

Now if only history hadn’t taught us that such works of love don’t eventually meet with a C&D in the end.

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My Life With Sega is Back!

One of my favorite Sega-centric Youtube series made it’s return today, My Life with Sega. His new video is on the stylish Sega Genesis brawler Comix Zone. Enjoy and be sure to check out his last series of videos.

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