Month: August 2013

Sega Sammy Bids on Atlus Parent Company

This almost sounds like a dream in the making. DualShockers is reporting that Sega Sammy has submitted a 20 billion yen offer (roughly 201 million USD) for Atlus’ parent company Index Corporation. News broke out a couple of months ago that some shady bookkeeping was at fault for the company’s current financial woes.

Does this mean we might see Jack Frost in a Sega game soon? I can only hope…

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Sega Sammy Has a Great 2014 Q1

VGChartz reports that Sega Sammy is having a wonderful first quarter in their 2014 fiscal year.

Sega Sammy has released its first quarter sales for its 2014 fiscal year, which ended June 30. Revenue increased 29 percent to ¥90.7 billion, from ¥69.9 billion a year ago. Profits jumped 416 percent to ¥12.9 billion, from ¥2.5 billion.

Company of Heroes 2 managed to sell 380,000 units despite only being available for just a week. Phantasy Star Online 2 sold 500,000 units for the PlayStation Vita. This is the combined sales at retail and digital.

Sales of packaged games increased 13.4 percent to ¥7.6 billion, from ¥6.7 billion. Digital sales increased 60.8 percent to ¥8.2 billion, from ¥5.1 billion.

The total number of games sold did decrease 9.7 perfect to 1.21 million, from 1.34 million. Europe was Sega Sammy’s biggest market with 570,000 games sold. There were 370,000 games sold in the US and 250,000 games sold in Japan.

Sega Sammy is expecting full year revenue to reach ¥485 billion, which would be up from ¥321.4 billion during the same period a year ago. Profits for the year are expected to hit ¥47 billion, up from ¥33.4 billion.

Mother of God

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Sonic CD Arrives on the Ouya

If you’re one of the random twelve people that have picked up a Ouya already, you can now download, try, and buy Sonic CD. The game will run you $2.99 (£1.99). It looks to be a port of the XBLA version, which means you’ll most likely have the option to play as Tails and pick which version of the soundtrack you want to listen to.

In case you missed it, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I and Episode II were made available back in July for $6.99 each. Looking at the Ouya library, they are likely among the very best platformers available. Second to Sonic CD, of course!

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Sakura Wars: The Movie DVD/BD Coming to the US

Good news for Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) fans in the US. For once.

Funimation has announced that they’re going to be releasing Sakura Wars: The Movie in the US as a DVD/BD combo pack for $34.95 on October 22nd, 2013. The movie takes place between the events of Sakura Wars 3 and Sakura Wars 4 and was originally released to theaters in Japan in 2001.

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The Blast Processors

The Blast Processors EPSegaShiro tipped me off to The Blast Processors, a relatively new Sega video game cover band from Toronto, Canada. They have a 4 song EP available for preview and download at their Bandcamp site.

From their site:

The Blast Processors are a SEGA Video Game Cover Band based in Toronto, Canada. They claim to have traveled from the Year 2101 AD where a terrible war, precipitated by the console wars of the 1990’s, has ravaged mankind. Having missed their time modulation by some decades, they resolved to rock.

My favorite part is that they actually took on names of various Sega hardware for their stage names.

Hopefully we’ll see more from The Blast Processors in the future.

While we’re on the subject of Sega video game cover bands, I guess I should mention the heavy metal outfit MegaDriver from Brazil.They’ve more recently opened themselves up to non-Sega covers, but have released multiple albums based upon Sega games like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Sonic, and Streets of Rage.

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Test 1, 2


I think I’m just as surprised as you that is back from the dead — Again! It’s been a couple of years since our last host let us down and refused to cooperate, which made cleaning the site up or even trying to do a rollback pretty much impossible.

However, I’ve missed this thing and some of the forum regulars, so I decided to scrape together what I can and just do what I can with what I have. No promises on anything yet. We’ll see what surfaces in the next couple of weeks.

I did make new forums here, if you want to register and yell at me for disappearing again. It’s okay, I’ll understand.

By the way, can you believe that this month marks SegaFans’ 15th anniversary? I know I can’t, I wasn’t even a legal adult when I first started the site!

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