Year: 2013

Binary Domain Free on PS Plus

If you happen to have a PS3 and a PS Plus membership, then you can now download and play Binary Domain for free. Nagoshi’s third-person shooter became available on November 18th on the service. It received fairly decent scores from the press upon it’s release, averaging about a 75% out of 100% score.

I guess there’s a bright side to my having forgotten to cancel my PS Plus subscription this month!

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Atlus Announces New Persona Games

So Sega bought Atlus’ parent company recently, as we wrote about previously being rumored. I’m personally pretty stoked by it, having been a fan of the SMT franchise for a number of years now. This means Sega will receive additional revenue and Atlus might end up sticking around for the long haul.

Atlus has released a teaser trailer for Persona 5, due out in Japanland Winter of 2014 for the PS3.

Click here to read about the other upcoming Persona games

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New Site: Sega Masters

I just wanted to drop a memo about a newer website started recently called Sega Masters. It seeks to do with the Sega Master System’s library what Chrontendo did with the NES. That is, to work through the console’s library by release date, one game at a time. So far, the author’s up to 7 games and counting.

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Typing of the Dead Overkill on Sale!

If you act between now and November 1st, you can secure yourself a copy of The Typing of the Dead Overkill through Steam for just $9.99. That amounts to a 50% discount off the retail price. Not too bad!

Click here to check it out on the Steam store.

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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Anime Trailer

Bayonetta was one of my favorite games from the last handful of years. It sucks a fat one that it’s sequel is headed only to the Wii U, but I suppose it had a much smaller chance of happening otherwise.

Regardless, some folks made an anime movie based on it. It’s being helmed by Fuminori Kizaki, who is renowned for his work on Afro Samurai. It is being released in Japan on November 23rd, 2013. It looks… pretty decent. I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun.

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House of the Dead Bundle on Sale on PSN


Happen to have a Playstation Move but no cool games to justify it? Then check out the House of the Dead Bundle on PSN. This week, Sony’s cut the price down to $14.99. If you have a PS+ subscription, the price is reduced to $7.50. Not a bad deal for House of the Dead 3, House of the Dead 4, and House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut.

You can check out more stuff on sale over here.

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Help Get Sega Magazines Online

Hello friends, it’s been a short while.

I had just read over on another website that a Sega fan is looking to complete his collection of Sega-specific magazines. He is down to missing 23 and has 670 in his collection.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I give a fuck about this?”

Well, friends, he’s proposing to eventually scan and upload all of them to the interwebs! How cool is that?

Below is a list of the missing issues. If you happen to be able to help him out, send him an email at .

MegaTech : 37,38, 40-44
Mega Drive Advanced Gaming : 25, 31-37
Sega Zone : 22
Sega XS: 24
Sega XS Classics : 19,22
Mega Power : 22
Mega Machines : 1,4
Saturn+ : 3-5

Hopefully we get these babies online someday to enjoy!

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Yakuza Ishin to be PS4 and PS3 Title

Yakuza Ishin was announced to be a Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 title. The announcement occurred at SCEJA Press Conference 2013. The game will be released on the PS4 in Japan on February 22nd, 2014. There’s a strong rumor that Sega is intending to release the game in Western markets as well.

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Sturmwind Windstark 12 Edition LE Refurbs Available


Redspotgames has announced that they’ve finished refurbishing copies of the Sturmwind “Windstark 12 Edition” limited edition bundle that were damaged while being shipped. Things like broken case hinges were fixed and now they are making the bundles available again for people who missed out on the first pass. You can check them out and order it here.

A friend pointed out to me that these bundles appear to be missing the Krakor octopus plush toy, though. You can buy that complete bundle at Play Asia still.

Click here to read the press release.

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Summer of Sonic 2013: Retrospective

Didn’t get the chance to make it to Summer of Sonic 2013? Yeah, neither did we. However, luckily for us, The Sonic Show has released a documentary looking back on the highlights of the event. Now we can all feel better about not making the trip.

Hey guys, I know! Let’s play spot the furry! First one to 20 confirmed identifications gets free pitchers of beer tonight!

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