Month: April 2011

Sega Shows Off Binary Domain

Sega has released a slick looking trailer for Binary Domain, which is a squad-based shooter designed by Toshihiro Nagoshi coming for the 360 and PS3. A good number of screenshots are available by clicking Continue Reading.

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Yakuza of the End Features New Packaging and Stickers!

Sega of Japan has unveiled the final packaging for the first run of Yakuza of the End. It now features a new slogan on the side of the box that encourages Japan to word hard together. In addition, they will also be packaging in a sheet of stickers carrying the same statement. A portion of the sales of the game will be donated to the current relief efforts.

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Al Qaeda Planned to Use Genesis Carts to Hide Explosives

Wikileaks has released new documents today that reveal one, thankfully unused, strategy that Al Qaeda had planned on putting into place. Evidently, they were going to hide remote-controlled explosives inside Sega Genesis cartridges and detonate them from a distance. The familiar cartridge housing would be fairly inconspicuous packing for a bomb.

“Detainee discussed remote-controlled firing devices (RCFDS) which were found during raids in Karachi in September 2002. These RCFDS were built inside black Sega videogame cassette cartridges to protect the RCFDS and to make them appear innocuous.

“The detainee stated he traveled from Karachi, Pakistan to Quetta with three to five. Sega cartridges made into remote detonators. The detainee stated he delivered the cartridges to two Afghan males.

“The detainee stated he never personally saw how the Sega remote detonators were made and never participated in their manufacture. The detainee stated he did not initially know what the remote detonators would be used for.”

This news discovered via GameSetWatch.

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Sonic Adventure OST Re-Release Dated, Priced, and Revealed

As we told you about earlier this month, Sega will be re-releasing the Sonic Adventure soundtrack this year to celebrate Sonic’s 20th birthday. Now we have a date, track listing, and a price. The re-released soundtrack will come out on May 18th, 2011 for ¥2400.

Now the bad news: this is a stripped-down version of the original soundtrack, which featured 69 tracks instead of just 30. While I think this re-release sports most of my favorite tracks from the game, I have to say I’m a little let down. I was expecting a more expensive package with every track from the game and some additional memorabilia or a solid booklet.

Click on Continued Reading for the tracklist.

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A New Shining Game?

Gaming news site MagicBox has posted a small blurb informing readers that Sega has announced a new Shining game to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. Evidently, MagicBox never had a Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, or Saturn. The first Shining Game, Shining in the Darkness, was released in 1991 on the Genesis.

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Hideki Kamiya Commentary Videos for Bayonetta

Hideki Kamiya has been recording videos of himself playing Bayonetta over the past year and giving commentary on the events of the game while doing so. Now this footage is being released online along with English subtitles for all fans to enjoy. Below are the first two parts, with more videos expected to be released every week.

[Chakan’s note: These videos are no longer at their original source. Sorry.]

Part 1

Part 2

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