Year: 2011

Sonic Generations Demo Update

Having issues finding the new Sonic Generations demo on Xbox Live Marketplace on the interweb? Well, guess what, buckaroos? Evidently you need to be signed into your Xbox Live Gold account on your 360 in order to see the title card for the download. Bummer, eh? At least we know it’s available. Just scroll up to the Game Marketplace section to find it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go check it out.

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Sonic Generations Demo Coming Soon!

Sega of America has notified everyone to let us all know that a new Sonic Generations demo, which includes Modern Sonic gameplay as well as Classic Sonic, will be hitting Xbox Live sometime today in Europe and North America. It’s not up yet as of 7AM EST, but I suppose they still have 17 hours to go.

If you don’t happen to have an Xbox for some reason, you can grab it next week on PSN on October 25th, 2011. Bummer.

Today we are excited to confirm that a second demo is incoming for Sonic Generations! Best of all, it’s coming really really soon – like really soon! The second demo for the game will be available via Xbox Live Arcade on 18th October across North America and Europe and PlayStation Network on 25th October for North America! You’ve been waiting patiently, you’ve seen the demos, videos and materials we’ve been teasing – now you can enjoy the demo a few days ahead of the full game release on November 1st!

The first demo, released on June 23rd 2011 – the anniversary of Sonic’s 20th year – allowed fans to play as Classic Sonic only. Now the second demo not only contains the Classic content you enjoyed, but now adds in Modern Sonic in the iconic Green Hill level from Sonic Generations! Take that Monday, this week just got a whole lot better!

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New House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Crossbow Trailer

SoA released a new crossbow trailer for the PS3 Move edition of House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut.

Today we’re proud to present the Grindhouse Crossbow trailer for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut! Narrated by Jackson J. Jackson, CEO of Jackson J. Jackson’s Crossbow Emporium, these impressively scoped, extremely explosive lightweight portable crossbows are a great way to take out the mutant menace overrunning Bayou City. You won’t find higher-quality weaponry anywhere else – Jackson J. Jackson guarantees it or double your money back! You can see them in action here:

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Free Stuff Friday : October 14th, 2011

SoA decided to announce they were doing Free Stuff Friday this week on… Friday… practically halfway through the day. So, since I was at work when I saw it and it was too late to give advanced notice anyway, I decided to put this off. Here it is, for whatever reason you might have to read this post-contest. Hopefully next time we’ll get an earlier heads up.

This week, there’s a whole lot of Sonic stuff.

1. Shadow the Hedgehog Plush! Recently announced for Sonic Generations and doubly confirmed in today’s awesome trailer, Shadow will be making appearance as a Rival! To prepare for the upcoming release, we have the ultimate plush, the special Shadow plush.

2. Sonic Wallet! This tri-fold Sonic wallet closes with a snap and depicts Sonic, Shadow and Silver on the front. Perfect for any fan!

3. Sonic Plush Seat Belt Wrap! Safety first! Just be safe in style and show off your favorite Blue Hedgehog!

4. Sonic Headphones! You read that right, we’ve got headphones with Sonic on each ear, they are pretty sweet and available from our licensing team as a generous donation!

5. Sonic Boom Shirt! Featuring Classic and Modern Sonic – this shirt was given out at our Sonic community event. Sizes Small and Large available.

6. The SEGA Controller sweatshirt! Back by popular demand! Sizes Small to Double Xtra Large!

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Hilarious Sonic Generations Parody

Below is a new Sonic fan video for you to enjoy. The creator, MegaJamesStudios, created his own version of Sonic Generations’ plot, skewering Sonic’s secondary characters in the process.

[Chakan’s note: He took it down! Boo!]

Thanks to Sega Addicts for pointing it out!

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First4Figures Knuckles Figure Revealed

Here is a follow-up to that upcoming Knuckles figure we told you about and… wow. It looks really good! Above is the limited edition light up version that you can get for $189.99 and is limited to 500. They also have a standard edition sans lights for $169.99 and limited to 1500.

I think your wallet would have bigger dents than the piece of earth featured in the figurine. Still, I think this is the coolest Knuckles-related piece of memorabilia I’ve ever seen. If you’re interested in getting one, pre-order them now! They’re targeted to ship in Quarter 2 of 2012.

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