Year: 2010

Shenmue Town To Debut On Japanese Mobile Phones This Year

The headline pretty much says it all. Yahoo Japan and Mobagetown have teamed up to form Yahoo Mobage, which will be an online portal for social games on Japanese cellphones. One of the titles announced was “Shenmue Town,” which is slated for a Winter release. No word on what amount of involvement Sega will have with the game. That’s all of the information available at this time.

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Typing of the Dead Re-Release reports that “Sega is reviving its Typing of the Dead typing tutor program for a new tie-up with Rakuten’s job placement assistance site Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki.

“A new version of Typing of the Dead will see PC release tomorrow (10/7) at the low price of ¥2,300. While it looks basically like the original Typing of the Dead, the twist comes in the word selection. Sega surveyed Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki members to collect 3,000 words related to job hunting and job placement. These words are used to fend off zombies in four mini games featured in the game’s ‘Job Hunting Mode.’

“Typing of the Dead was originally released for arcades in 1999, with PC and console versions following the year after. The game is basically just Sega’s House of the Dead light gun game, but instead of blasting at the zombies you type out phrases that appear in front of them.”

Cool. Now someone at Sega of America needs to listen and get that sucker out on Steam in English!

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Sega Genesis Classics: Series III Announced

Sega will begin populating your favorite digital download retailers like Steam, GamersGate, and Direct2Drive with some more Genesis games for your PC. The games are on GamersGate now (click here to buy them all for $7.49) and will be available via the other two services next week.

Here’s the list of games this time:

Bio-Hazard Battle
Columns III
Sword of Vermillion
Virtua Fighter 2
Ecco II: The Tides of Time
Alien Storm
Decap Attack
Sonic the Hedgehog
Golden Axe 2

It’s kind of crazy to realize that Sonic 1 isn’t on those services yet…

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Sega iPhone Sale

Sega’s put some of their games on sale for a limited time. Here’s your heads up!

Sonic the Hedgehog – $1.99
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – $1.99
Super Monkey Ball 2 – $0.99
Phantasy Star II – $1.99

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