Year: 2008

10 Levels and a Fresh New Half-pipe

Don’t just sit there and
waste your precious time.
When you want to do something,
do it right away. Do it when you can.
It’s the only way to live a life without regrets.

Another way is to not spend too much time with Sonic 2.

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Blast Away and Go, Go, Go!

Metal Slug (AC) review, with some comments on the Saturn port. I’ve also uploaded the redbook soundtrack, which you can review for yourselves. Next up will be a look at E-Swat (AC) and possibly, another arcade classic from Yu Suzuki. Can’t take another 5 months can it?

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Arcus Odyssey Review

Here’s a new Game of the Month as promised. But the main feature of today’s update will be a review of Wolf Team’s Arcus Odyssey by Adam “szycag” Pearson. I’m really glad to have someone else on board so early on into the site.

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Game of the Month Fukkatsu…Densetsu

Bringing back a section from the old site (not sure about bringing the old content, yet,) Game of the Month. This month’s game of that time is Gunstar Heroes, featuring a possibly controversial (because it’s so correct) write-up by JoshF. Hopefully, we will be able to follow through on the monthly promise for a while.

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We’re going to start you guys and the site off with two Mega Drive reviews, one of Nobuya Nakazato’s classic platformer Rocket Knight Adventures from Ryan “Zebra Airforce” Mixey, the other a look at a sidescrolling fighter from the creators of Ecco the Dolphin, which is best described as the Ecco the Dolphin of sidescrolling fighters.

I know the header is kinda shitty. We’ll find something then.

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