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2007 Sega Saturn Battle: Round Two

February 8, 2016

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The 2007 Sega Saturn Battle was a roundtable forum discussion and poll on the Saturn’s library. This is round two of three.

The format was simple, games were nominated from any region, then grouped by approximate genre, and matched as fairly as possible (for instance I didn’t put Corpse Killer up against Virtua Cop 2.) In the case of a tie, I went with the game with more comments in it’s favor. Not the most organized system for sure, but I guess there’s always 2008.

And if you’re wondering how some of these games got here, ask Scrodamoon. ;)

Before we get to the results, let’s take a look at some of the off color commentary we received from our resident SegaFans.

2007 Sega Saturn Battle – Round Two

Clockwork Knight 2 vs. Scud: The Disposable Assassin vs. Shinobi Legions

shinobi legions screenshot

CK2 and Shinobi Legions are both great games, but I liked Shinobi more. It was also my very first Saturn game.”
– Bortumer

“Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Go Ninja GO Ninja Go! Go! Go! Go!


– Alec

“It’s easy to make fun of Legions nowadays, but beneath the digitized graphics and horrible cutscenes lies one of the best Shinobi games IMO, better than CK2 and certainly better than Scud.”
– JoshF

Astal vs. Metal Slug vs. Three Dirty Dwarves

“‘Metal Slug

‘Thank You’

‘Rocket Lawn Chair’

‘Heavy Machine Gun'”
– Alec

“Hey, I see what you did there.

Being the arcade game of the bunch, Metal Slug obviously has the most replayability for me, especially seeing how there are multiple ways to play (score/time/distance). It’s also a lot of fun just to relax and “blast away and go, go, go,” more so than the other games.”
– JoshF

Blast Chamber vs. Die Hard Arcade

“2 totally different games. If I had ever owned a multitap for SS or PS, I may have voted differently.

Anyways I remember one time talking to this old school guitar dude who told me that one time Bruce Willis walked up on stage from out of the crowd during his gig and started playing harmonica and wouldn’t leave the stage until the gig was over. Therefore… Die Hard > All.”
– Alec

NiGHTS Into Dreams… vs. Pandemonium vs. Tomb Raider

nights into dreams screenshot
“There are very few games that can compete with NiGHTS in terms of replay value (only the very best puzzle games and shmups.) There’s little incentive in both Pandemonium and Tomb Raider to play better (e.g. if you get hit multiple times and complete a level, it’d be the same result as if you’d beaten the same level faster and without getting hit.) It’s a real shame that nowadays score mechanics are largely considered obsolete in most genres, when they can be applied to virtually any type of game, and can increase a games playability tenfold. I guess we can thank personality cult developers who think having a number in the corner of the screen will stop them from making their groundbreaking non-structured (a.k.a. sloppy) audio visual experiences who’s only limit is the players imagination! If they were as clever as they think they are they could develop a complex score system, in most cases, but they’re just too lazy.

Anyway, NiGHTS, good.”
– JoshF

“I love Magical Hoppers, it’s one of the best platform games out there, but NiGHTS truly can’t be beat. It’s one of the most imaginative games out there, with a simple premise – beat your best performance. That reason alone ensures NiGHTS will outlast almost any other game.”
– Tempest

“Joke poll!

Not to take anything away from Magical Hompers (sic) and Tomp Raider (sic), but NiGHTS is way NiCER than those games could ever hope to be, in all aspects.

You’re scoring play method rant is an agreeable thing. And although it’s rare these days to find, score-based replay value can still be found now again, however basic it might be. Recent examples of ‘it’: Sonic and the Secret Rings and Wii Play (shooting gallery specifically, and addicted to it thing for me!!!).”
– Bortumer

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Vampire Savior vs. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

“I voted for X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. I’m such a big fan of that game that I bought the limited edition X-Men Vs. Street Fighter coffee table off of ebay.


I guess that’s what I get for buying an “untested” CPSII on ebay. It wasn’t too bad though, the A board still works and it was only $30 shipped. I was hoping it would work though, getting the arcade board for cheaper than the Saturn disc would have been”
– Alec

“I think Vampire Savior is one of Capcom’s most tragically overlooked fighting games. The system is one of there best too, providing a nice balance between “technical” and VS.-style gameplay.”
– JoshF

Fighters Megamix vs. Last Bronx vs. Virtua Fighter 2

virtua fighter 2 screenshot
Virtua Fighter 2 is the obvious choice.”
– Bortumer

“Legendary Game (TM)”
– Tempest

Batsugun vs. Battle Garegga vs. Soukyugurentai

Soukyugurentai should not be in this poll. It hasn’t earned it.

BTW, I think Soukyugurentai has better graphics than Brave Blade.”
– Alec

“Raizing tends to go overboard with their scoring systems, arguably to the point of breaking them. Batsugun has some scoring gimmicks too (bombing certain enemies, collecting pigs, etc.) and better yet it’s more fun.”
– JoshF

Darius Gaiden vs. Thunder Force V

“Surprisingly I went with Thunder Force V. One of Technosoft’s finest if not the best. I always liked the play mechanics of the Thunder Force series, like the ability to switch between weapons and adjust your speed. Still, Darius Gaiden is amazing and only loses by a small margin.”
– JoshF

“May the force be with you.”
– Tempest

Area 51 vs. The House of the Dead vs. Virtua Cop 2

“Not only is Virtua Cop 2 the best game out of the three, it’s the best port (better than arcade perfect if you discount the graphics.)”
– JoshF

Dark Savior vs. Grandia vs. Shining the Holy Ark

dark savior screenshot
“Even with Dark Savior‘s problems I think I’d choose most action RPGs over traditional ones. Plus it had all those ‘parallel’ storylines.”
– JoshF

“HEY DODE, have you ever played a Grandia? It’s like a menu based fighting game. Genius things are implemented in it’s fighting system.”
– Bortumer

Columns Arcade Collection vs. Rouka ni Ichidanto-R vs. Sonic Jam

“Four of my all-time favorite games, plus Sonic World. Sonic Jam for the win!”
– Tempest

Powerslave vs. Quake

“PC Quake is a legendary game. Saturn Quake, whilst good, doesn’t quite live up to it’s PC counterpart. Nor Powerslave (Exhumed) for that matter.”
– Tempest

“What the funk? Powerslave on the PC was weaksauce.”
– IronMongeR

“I meant Saturn Quake doesn’t live up to Saturn Powerslave. I’ve never played the PC version of the latter.”
– Tempest

“Consider yourself lucky. B) ”
– IronMongeR

“I found Powerslave to be one of the most enjoyable FPS games ever, for single player anyway (and I’ve never really been into multiplayer FPS anyway). The graphics were great, the weapons were great, and the level design is just beautiful. Quake may be more impressive in a sense, but Powerslave is just more fun.”
– j_factor

Decathlete vs. WWF In Your House

“No comments necessary for this one. ;) ”
– JoshF

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition vs. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

super puzzle fighter 2 turbo screenshot
“Hard to choose between two of the most addictive puzzle games ever. I’ll go with Puzzle Bobble for being more original, in terms of not using the falling blocks archetype.”
– JoshF

“I hate the BAM series, so it’s no surprise that Puzzle Fighter gets my vote.”
– Tempest

“I prefer Puzzle Fighter, it is an awesome game.”
– Bortumer


Now that you’ve read some of the forum member’s opinions, here are the results of the poll for this round.

2007 sega saturn battle round two results

2007 Sega Saturn Battle

Here you can navigate to the three different installments (the third will be online soon).

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