According to The Magic Box, Sega’s Sonic Riders (GC, PS2, XB) scored fairly high marks in Famitsu, garnering scores of 7, 9, 8, and 8 (32/40).  Initial D Street Stage for the PSP also turned out some respectable marks of 8, 7, 7, and 7 (29/40).

Dreamcast Scene reports that Milestone doesn’t think Under Defeat will be the last Dreamcast game.   According to DCS, Milestone has confirmed with Sega that Dreamcast games will still be able to be made in the future.  Hearsay or not, it’s still a nice possibility.

UK’s Official Xbox Magazine reports that Sonic’s back catalogue might just be hitting the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade.  At the very least, Sega has expressed interest in doing “something like it.”

Also, Sega no Hi (Sega Day) is this coming Thursday.  For those of you who don’t know, Sega no Hi is the 23rd of every month.  This month, you’re invited to celebrate by giving the gift of Sega to someone special.

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