Month: February 2002

After years of rivalry…

After years of rivalry, Sonic and Mario finally team up. Or so goes this somewhat amusing article over at Nintendo’s website. It’s nice to see Sonic’s arrival on Nintendo systems getting some respect and exposure. *Chakan dons a bomber jacket and gives the big N the ‘thumbs up.’* Hrm… have I been playing way too much Shenmue II? Hrrrm…. nah.

Pushing aside my Yu-loving for one minute, be sure to check out the videos toward the bottom of the page. Mascots playing and dancing… it’s so… disturbing! Thanks to SkankinMo for the linkx0rz.

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Sega Arcade News

Here’s some random Sega arcade news, coming straight from the most recent updates at The Magic Box:

-According to arcade reports from Japan, Sega’s Virtua Fighter 4 has been the most popular arcade fighting game since its release last summer. On an average day, each VF4 arcade cabinet generates 90,000 yen of sales, comparing to 25,000 yen for Tekken 4; 10,000 for both Capcom Vs SNK 2 and The King of Fighters 2001. However, none of these games compare to Sega’s multiplayer horse racing simulation game Derby Owner Club 2001, which generate an average of 200,000 yen a day! [Simply… beautiful. – Chakan]

-Sega WOW Entertainment is working on a new arcade keyboarding game called Lupid the 3rd the Typing, which based on the classic anime. The game will be in playable form at the AOU show.

-Sega Rosso is working on a new arcade water surfing game called Soul Surfer, in this game you can use a surfboard to perform a variety of tricks and moves in the waves.

-Sega Hitmaker’s latest arcade game is a gun shooting game called The Maze of the Kings, the game background is ancient Egypt, in the game you use a magic staff to attack the enemies, instead of using guns.

By the way, 90,000 yen comes to about $670!!! SWEET JEBUS! Go Yu, go Yu…

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Introducing: VinceD! Shazam!

I thought I’d take some space to introduce those of you who need the introduction to the first addition to the SegaFans newsteam: VinceD. For those less fortunate folks who don’t frequent our forums or remember his long E32k1 article (and the accompanying photos…), VinceD is a polite, well-knowledged member. He fuels his gaming habit by working as a developer at Midway Games, which I’m sure he really, really hates. If you have any questions for Vince, you can chat with him on the SegaFans forums or try leaving a comment here on this article. Those Are there for a reason, you know.

Welcome aboard, Vince. Don’t worry, I won’t tell everyone you went to E3 looking for sailors… Oops. :)

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Just Two More Days

Only two more days until zee final official US Dreamcast game is released…

I’m getting ahm… I just need to take a moment here… talk amongst yourselves… I know. Compare the textures of Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for the PS2 with the *ahem* better looking textures in Dead or Alive 2: Limited Edition (J) for the Dreamcast…

Okay, I’m ready. The final US DC game, the solid NHL 2k2, will be released on Tuesday. It’s quite odd for Sega to give us a sports title (more odd for it not to be another football or a more mainstream US sport) as the last game for a system, but then again, why mess with something so good? I’m sure a lot of you will go out and pick this game up. Not because you’re trying to show your support. Not because you have nothing else “good enough” to play (hehe.. MGS2. hahahaa). Not because you’re a hockey fanatic. No, you need none of these reasons. Simply pick it up because it’s “damn smooth.”

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Sega Sued By Nike

Nike, those damn shoe guys, has filed a lawsuit against Sega over their television commercials for NBA2k2. Nike alleges that the advertising spots are eerily similar to Nike’s “classic” ‘Frozen Moment’ commercial that featured Micheal Jordan, you know, that guy with the new $200 pair of shoes (shi–!). Nike’s claiming copyright infringement and unfair competition. Nike is asking for an injunction barring the ad from being played on the air again, an order impounding copies of the ad; and monetary compensation in the form of damages for the alleged infringement or royalties on every copy of the game sold.

Talk about pies (lingo I picked up from a South American kid)! How can you consider a sports video game and sports equipment to be in competition with each other? I just don’t get it…

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Ah… yez… looking very nice…

It appears as if everything on the news-posting side is going very, very smoothly. Not bad for the amount of work I had to put into it. Heh. I hope you all like the way the site looks, as I’m pretty much set on how it’s going to go. The 2-3 news posting positions are still open, and the public offering of said positions will be published Saturday morning; possibly when I unveil the site design? I guess we’ll see how much work I’ll have at my job during the next two days. :)

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Hey there, SegaFans!

Yes, right now, only the SEGAFans get a chance to see the new design. It’s a bit of a change in one way, but then again, it’s so familiar…

Long-time visitors have always said that the outer frame of this design was their favorite over the site’s history, so why deny them?

I’m currently working on ironing everything out and getting things sleeker and stuff. Until then, marvel at the friendly ‘logo.’ :D

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