Month: February 2002

Latest Sega TRST Data

For the week of 2-10 through 2-16 Sega had another solid showing:

Across all platforms:
5. Sonic Adventure 2, GCN 39,706
6. Sonic Advance, GBA 32,746
11. NBA 2K2, PS2 18,301

SA2 was, by far, the top ‘cube game of the week.
SA was bested by the debut of Mario Advance 2, but it still did well.

Sadly, Rez did not make the list, even though it’s the best ps2 game I’ve played in a while.

Remember, the TRST data covers 60% of retailers, so actual sell-through numbers will be higher.

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Sega’s AUO 2002 Plans

This from the recently renamed/re-organized CoreMag/Xengen:

Sega has released some preliminary details regarding their plans for AOU 2002, scheduled for February 22nd at the Makuhari Messe. According to company representatives, Sega will have twenty-two arcade titles on display at the event. Among them will be two new sports titles; Soul Surfer and World Football 2002. Moreover, Sega is expected to elaborate on plans for ‘Tri-Force,’ a partnership with Nintendo and Namco to develop an arcade system based on Nintendo’s GameCube console.

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18 Wheeler Pro Trucker For GC

18 Wheeler Pro Trucker for the Nintendo GameCube found itself made available yesterday for the suggested retail price of $49.99. The question is… is it worth it? Well, only if A) you have friends to play it with, B) you don’t have the DC version, and C) you are too lame to go buy the DC version. Truthfully, though, the graphics have been improved slightly, while not much else has been touched.

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SegaFans Advisory

Due to the contest that SegaFans has rated as a class A (that is, “Extremely Fucking Cool”) in the April issue of GamePro, it is advised that you DO actually pick it up. Inside, you shall find your chance to win every single American Dreamcast release. Whoa! What a great prize! … But there’s more! The very last American Dreamcast produced, signed by all of Sega’s big developers! Holy shit! Good luck, guys. I know I’ve set aside the cash for the crap magazine. I at least Hope pictures of the booty find their way to the interweb…

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Looking For Hundred Swords?

Well, the damn thing has’t shipped just yet (it was supposed to be in route on the 15th). But don’t fret, because it’s currently scheduled for a release on the 25th. Cross your fingers, kids!

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Sega’s Involvement With Tri-Force, PS2-Focus…

Two interesting news bytes from the Magic Box today:

-Sega, Nintendo and Namco announced a collaborative development of a new arcade game board called TriForce. The TriForce is a GameCube compatible 3D arcade board, which allows developers to create low cost, high performance game titles for both arcade and home console. A prototype of the TriForce arcade board will be exhibited at the upcoming AOU Expo on February 23 in Tokyo Japan.

-Sega announced that they will focus on PlayStation 2 development for this year, about 50% of the upcoming game titles are designated for the PS2 platform, and the rest are divided equally for XBox, GameCube and GameBoy Advance. Sega also mentioned a number of classic Mega Drive and Saturn hits will be “revived” on the PS2 this year, more details will be announced at this year’s E3 Expo.

The second item troubles me. It sounds like Sega will be releasing yet another Smash Pack for PS2, as well as a port of some Saturn gems… whether it’ll include Panzer Dragoon Saga or not is both a happy and sad possibility…

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Acclaim To Publish Ecco & Headhunter On PS2

Acclaim has picked up the right to publish the Dreamcast originals Ecco: Defender of the Future and Headhunter on the PS2. Yes, this means inferior colors and much more are bound for the PS2 and it’s limited palette. Yes, probably much more so than the uninspiring lack of vibrant colors in Jet Grind Radio Future…

Ecco should be out by the end of February (this month), and Headhunter should be out sometime later this Spring. Of course, if you were a REAL SegaFan, you’d already have both and be quite happy. :)

Speaking of Jet Set/Grind Radio Future, the GIA has posted some new character designs from the upcoming game. You can find them here, and, yes, I will stand by my “lack of vibrant colors” quote and point you to my sexy DC. Mrrroww!

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Two More Saturn Games Covered

The Saturn Buyer’s Guide has been expanded a bit this late evening. New entries for Darius Gaiden and Mortal Kombat II were added. One is a great game with some media added for the kiddies, the other is a horrid port. Which one is which? I guess you’d better go find out…

Also added an interesting quote from Yu Suzuki concerning programming for 2 CPUs to the Quotes section.

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Sega’s Soul Surfer Arcade Game Debuts

The Magic Box is reporting that Sega Rosso has announced a new arcade game Soul Surfer – looks like Top Skater but with a min surf board. It will be released to Japanese arcades this summer. They’ve also joined up with Namco and Nintendo to bring arcades the Triforce board, based on GameCube hardware.

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Sonic Advance Leads the Pack

Last week’s TRST reports show Sonic Advance the top selling GBA game of the week (Feb. 2nd – 9th) with 19,384 copies (2nd place game was 6000). This also puts it at the 4th best selling game overall for all systems (beat out by GTA3, Wreckless, and FFX).

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