Month: February 2002

Jet Set Radio Future Released

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jet set radio future US cover

Yes, it has arrived. Today saw Jet Set Radio Future released. Well, at least in most parts of the U.S. Can a new Jet Set Radio with passive cops, no time limit, and no manual tag combinations required be just as fun? There’s only way to find out: ASK THE KID DOWN THE STREET!

So we went to Joey’s house (his parents bought him the Xbox at launch and JSRF today) and asked him what he thought of it. Here’s what he said: “fuck, that damn game is easy, yo!” Quite articulate for a six-year-old male, eh? Go check it out, SegaFans. Why? Because this one doesn’t include Rob Zombie. What an improvement!

Btw, JSRF sold 9,800 units from Feburary 22nd through the 24th in Japan. Not the worst of the Japanese Xbox launch games, but definitely not the best. Dead or Alive 3 moved 73,604 units. :\

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Shining Soul News, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Is #1 in Sales

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Sega’s new GBA RPG Shining Soul will be released March 28th in Japan, and will allow 4 players to link up. Looks sweet, and here’s hoping for a US release soon. Check out the Magic Boxfor more info…

Nintensity ( copy since it’s down – James) has a nice little write up about Sonic Adventure 2: Battle being the #1 GameCube game last week.

sonic adventure 2 battle us cover

Xengamers has an interesting little story about Sega of Japan warning consumers about buying certain refurbished DC’s that may have been converted to use other countries’ standard voltages. Umm, ok…

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Top 10 Saturn Games

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You’re invited to take part in SegaFans’ Top 10 Saturn Games list that will be discussed in the forums over the next few days.

The entire thread will be linked from the main site so that visitors will be able to read a variety of opinions on the Saturn’s best games. So get on over and let your voice be heard, dammit!

(Unfortunately, no copy exists of the forum at that time. Bummer! However, you can check out the 2007 Sega Saturn Battle if you want something similar and more wild! -James)

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Cap – Er, Gundamn Generations

Japanese Dreamcast owners will be getting “Gundam Generation Vs. G on” and “Gundam Generation Vs. G on DX”, a two-disc package from the gods at Capcom that will retail for about 6200 Yen (or $45 USD) and will be available on April 11th, 2002. Capcom is converting the Japanese arcade version to the Dreamcast. It’s uncertain whether these games will offer networking play to Japanese dreamcast owners, but Capcom is promising a “Team Battle Action”. Click here to view some screenshots.

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Virtua Striker 2002 US-Bound

Sega has announced that they’re bringing the GameCube version of Virtua Striker 2002 to the US in May. “It’s a fast-paced arcade-style soccer game that found most of its popularity in Japanese arcades. The game features 64 teams. It also has several modes such as edit, training, league, penalty kick, and an international cup mode where eight leagues–made up of four countries–can compete for the international championship.” [GameSpot]

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Triforce Debuts

As I reported just the other day, the Triforce is the combined work of Sega, Nintendo, and Namco. Well, it was shown off at the AOU 2002 Expo. Here’s a few screenshots and here’s what XenGen had to say about it:

Nintendo in association with Sega and Namco unveiled the ‘Tri-Force’ today at the AOU 2002 show in Japan. Essentially an arcade system based on Nintendo’s GameCube console, ‘Tri-Force’ hardware demonstrations were running in several booths at the show. Among them was a soccer game which looked almost photo realistic. Unfortunately, Nintendo representatives on-hand at the event remained tightlipped regarding software development and potential third party supporters.

Namco’s booth was abuzz with players eager to get their hands on Soul Calibur II, the latest incarnation of Namco’s weapon-based fighter. Eight tournament style cabinets featuring Soul Calibur II are available within the booth, each preset for two fifty-second rounds. Several characters are playable in the demo version including Mitsuguri, Ivy, Taki, Nightmare, and Cassandra amongst others. Aside from Soul Calibur II, Namco also had an arcade version of the PlayStation2 music title ‘Technitix’ on display.

Sega’s booth was awash in new arcade titles including sports entry ‘World Championship Soccer 2002,’ cartoony shooter ‘Maze of Kings,’ and the latest truck racer ‘King of Route 66.’ One of the real highlights however was ‘Soul Surfer,’ a virtual watersports title. Specifically, players balance on surfboard apparatus and navigate simulated waves. The finished version of Soul Surfer will reportedly include more than a dozen different beach courses and is expected to hit arcades this July.

Elsewhere, Japanese software giant Konami had several interesting offerings within their booth. Among them, a fighting style music title dubbed ‘Marshall Beat,’ a cute simulation entitled ‘Dog Station,’ and a virtual tennis game ‘Nice Smash.’ Specifically, in Nice Smash players use a racket to simulate player movements onscreen and can play against human or computer controlled opponents.

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