Month: September 2001

Sega Emulation Weekly Sept 16th

Well, it’s arrived a few days late thanks to communication problems, but this week’s Sega Emulation Weekly is finally online. What’s goin’ on in the world of Sega emulation? Hit up the Features section to find out. :)

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We have a special treat for you today, it’s Saturn Shenmue! Yes, we have an mpeg video of the entire movie in the Media section, thanks to Segadult. Enjoy it now before IGN or someone else steals it! :)

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Sorry for the silence. some guy named Carlos has sent us nearly 4mbs of Sega ads, which now can be found in the Media section! I’ve also transcribed a July 1999 article concerning the then-upcoming release of our beloved Dreamcast. It’s interesting to look back on it now… anyway, that can be found in The Vault. New stuff to remind you that we can’t have fulfilling, productive lives without some Sega fun. :)

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Site Updates

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here: The SegaFans Game of the Moment! We spotlight games at random, just to keep ourselves entertained! Guess the next one on our forums before someone else does!

Added a great Chakan poem to The Vault. Identify the source! Thanks to That Guy on EfNet.

Added Magic Knight Rayearth ending images to the Media section!

CyberwarriorX has given us the Langrisser 3 (Saturn) translation patch. You can find it in The Vault!

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Look Ma, We Updated!

Take a look around. There’s new stuff and old stuff that’s returned.

SegaFans Radio has 23 new tracks!

Look out, kids! It’s the first Sega Emulation Weekly installment by our very own Knuckles!

Added P. Keeting’s great Shining in the Darkness maps to The Vault!

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Planet Web browser version 3.0

Finally, official word concerning Planet Web browser version 3.0!

Aye, here ’tis:

Everyone says they’re online. But some are more online than others.

As a special courtesy to you, the real online gamer, Planetweb is giving you the inside scoop on our new Internet browser for the Sega Dreamcast. The Planetweb Internet Browser v3.0 is the first console-based browser in the U.S. with broadband capabilities. (Planetweb still provides full support for 56k modems.) The addition of Broadband enables you to surf the Web at break-neck speed. The Planetweb Internet Browser v3.0 also supports a bunch of cool new features including instant messaging, applet-based Web games, Flash 4.0, Web chat and much more.

Between September 4th and the release date of September 30th, you can buy the new Planetweb Internet Browser v3.0 for the pre-release price of $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. (After September 30th, the price will be $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.) And if you preorder, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of ten browsers that we’re giving away for free!

To order at this special price or get more information, go to
and get ready to experience a whole new world on the Web.

– The Planetweb Dreamcast Team

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New Sonic Gear!

Grab some new Sonic gear!

Sonic Team has added three really Sonic-related cool items to their official web Shop. They’ve got a nice silver Sonic ring, a full-color statue (my favorite of the three), and the sweet looking crystal cube model you see to your right. I don’t know of any other place where you can buy these, so you’d better make arrangements before you have to shell out $$ on Ebay! :)

Sonic Team has stated that they plan on expanding the shop sometime in the near future, so we’ll keep an eye on it and tell you when they add more goodies. I’m off to the Universal Currency Converter, myself…

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