Month: July 2001

New Look For (More) New Times

Wow… that lasted long. While I adore the hell out of the last design, I decided that I needed to have more control over the way that the site looked for anyone and everyone. I find these colors easier to look at for longer periods of time.

A few sites that I was working on adding to the network have decided to move on to other hosts. I don’t necessarily blame them, as I’ve been rather withdrawn recently and I was taking too long getting them setup. If you want to go check ’em out (because I love ’em, or else I would’ve never given them a hosting invitation), then head on over to SF Kosmo and Symphony of Bullets.

If anyone out there happens to have a great Sega-related or just a cool site in general, and would like to escape the hell that is their current hosting situation, then don’t be afraid to contact me. At the very least, I can help you find a good host to fit your needs.

Update: Btw, do you like high-quality game art? Then check out our new Thunder Force V omake image gallery! Who loves ya? :)

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I’m Not Dead, Dammit!

Contrary to both the rumors and the wishes of many people, I’m actually not dead. I’ve just been busy with stuff. I am getting some nice SegaFans work done here and there, though. I’m currently playing through a certain stellar game for the Genny for my next review. Expect it to be pretty thorough, along with some nice multimedia. Also, I think I’ve found a new staff member. More details later today on that…

Good Deal Games has released official PAL versions of the two FMV-based Sega CD games that they released not too long ago. Yes, now you Europeans can stop bitching. You’ve now got some new SCD games to go play. >:)

Oh yeah, almost forgot! Go check out System Zero. The MP3s are back!

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