Month: June 2001

Professor K is Back!

This from our old correspondent Professor K (who resembles the ‘real’ Professor K over there to the right quite a bit):

      Hey Chakan! I be writtin’ to tell youz all about this guy I met down by the beasch. He wuz about 5 and a quartah and he was wearin’ a cool Sonic tee, right? Well, I goes up to him to say “hey mon, how’s it goin bruddah?” and he looks and me and goes “OH MY GOD, IT’S PROFESSOR K!” and passes out on me, mon!

After I got him ’round again, I tell him “I’m not THE Professor K, I’m Professor K at SegaFans, mon!” and he’s like “Oh, I went there once. They didn’t have no ISOs, so I left.” So’s I tellz him to get wit da program, right mon? And he tellz me that I should ‘Stuff it, I ain’t got time to read reviews from people who pft play a game longer than 5 minutes [unlike this guy, right? – Chakan]. Hell, I don’t have time for forums, either. So suck off.”

I went to tell him off, but he disappeared into the wind like, like… the wind, riiight?

Damn, Proff…. better luck next time. And as thanks for spreadin’ the word, now you get your job back! Expect more from Prof. K in the future… I wonder what all of my other old correspondents are doing… Hrm…

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Do The Saturn White!

I was talking with Mina from System Zero and discovered that SegaFans is currently the only decent site we know of that provides some Sega game music here and there (which, we found rather odd, seeing as how both GFA and SZ are music-based sites… hrm…). Anyway, to celebrate that fact, I thought I’d toss up something interesting for everyone’s ears. Click here to get ahold of the full Sega Saturn Shiro theme song! Yes, my friends, nothing is better than this! Well, SZ will be once the mp3s are back! :D

If you want more Sega game music from SegaFans in the future, then be sure to email me and let me know!

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The More Things Change…

It’s now June 24th, approximately 6 months after I initially completed the design you now see before you. During that time, a lot has changed here at the ole account. The name, the look, the location, etc…

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the content. I’ve always been about trying to provide the best content I can. Sometimes that comes accross as a half-assed attempt (sorry I’m not hardcore enough for everyone), but, trust me, everything I’ve done has a little bit of sincerity to it, at the least. I love these games, otherwise, why would I be bothering?

Anyway, some of you might be wondering if the anniversarry of this design is the real reason why you see this site like this. The answer? No, not really.

In an attempt to get myself back on track with what SegaFans, Sega CDX, the Unofficial Sega Saturn Homepage, and Sega Saturn Online were all about, I’m going all the way back until the last time when I know everyone was damn pleased with the site. Yes, even your Aunt Ida.

While my goal isn’t to please everyone (after all, I really do love doing this, and it’s the real reason why I do it), I find it the best way to get us all ‘back to good.’ After all, that’s what retro-gaming is about, right? Going back to when games were fun, the media wasn’t a bunch of idiots, and everyone that played games didn’t have a ‘hardcore’ attitude about life.

At least that’s my outlook on it all, and that’s the way I’m going to try to shape SegaFans in the future. My site and it’s hosted affiliates will not be like these ‘hardcore’ idiots you see everywhere online today. We’re all gamers, it’s time we acted like it, dammit.

Coming up: Lots of Saturn reviews, some early Dreamcast games get reviewed, some new media (‘mmm…’), and maybe even a fresh watch battery for your VMU… Well, I guess I can’t promise everything. Just stayed tuned. :)

small note: since i’m still busy with my real job, i’ll be updating the rest of the site back into the old and new design over the next day or two, so stuff will look phunky… but it should all work.

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A Little Something…

A little while back, the fine folks behind Chupamedia, Perfect-Zero and the newer System Zero released a nice Dragon Force music sampler. It features a couple tracks from the game, as well as some information, visuals, and other little goodies. Unfortunately, the links to the full length MP3s won’t work, but sometime soon you’ll be able to grab the full length tracks from S-Z itself. I thought it’d be a great little present to tide you over while I’m still working on finishing some of the content I’ll be unveiling today. Enjoy, and be sure to head over to System-Zero to say thank you. I’m sure you’ll find me taking a break in their forums if you watch closely. :)

Get it right here {5mbs}

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