Month: May 2001

New (Old) Forums

Not even a full three days since the forums incident, and the software’s been upgraded. A small vote was held on the ikonboard asking visitors which they prefered (I upgraded the old forums and they compared the ikonboard and YaBB), and they chose to return to the YaBB system…

So, we’re using the old YaBB again. Expect some interesting modifications soon. :)

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Where’s The News?

We’ve decided that all future news posts will be posted in the forums, where you can still readily comment on anything myself or anyone else posts. The reason for this is simple: we want to highlight our original and exclusive content on our home page. Anyway, check out the forums for up-to-date news about any and all E3 revelations, events, and media! See ya there.

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SEGA-Fans Be Representin At E3

While I had to turn down passes for E3 this year (*sigh* just like last year), at least one member is going! One of our members happens to work for a certain coin-op company, and has promised to represent as much as his employer. “I got my digital camcorder ready to record the whole thing (assuming they let me in with it, although other people I know who’ve gone said it should be no problem). Anyways, when I get back I’d like to send you as many pics/videos/info as I can.” Have a blast, “V.D.,” we’ll miss you while yer gone! :)

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We’re pleased to announce our first contest here at Well, we’ll first feed you what you want to know: the prize is your choice of actually decent Saturn games (3 of which are North American releases, the fourth being a Japanese release). The titles of the games will remain a mystery until they are presented to the winner.

So now you’ve got to be wondering What do I have to do?!? Well, calm down there, lil’ Miss Polly Prissy pants and read on.

One of our members – revolver – contacted me, asking me if it’d be cool to run a contest on and that he had some stuff he could give away. He suggest a fan art contest, where our visitors would submit some original artwork featuring Sega-related characters. Well, I said “hell yeah!,” seeing as how it’d be the perfect way to open up the upcoming Media section (yes, it is coming, and, yes, it will kick a whole lotta ass).

Why would revolver give up some of his games? He says that he’s moved on to other games, and would rather get something cool and original for them than $5-20 off of Ebay. So get them pencils, markers, mouses, ink pens, paint brushes, and trackballs out and get cracking, Shirley, because the deadline is just two weeks and a day from now. The reason why I chose this date? Simple, that’s the day that Virtua Fighter 4 is released in Japan. :)

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Sega’s Initial Xbox Lineup

sega's initial xbox lineup header

Building on its recent alliance with Sega Entertainment Inc., which will premiere 11 games for the Microsoft Xbox video game system, Microsoft Corp. today announced that Sega is creating Xbox versions of its top-selling Sega Sports 2K2 franchise, as well as “Crazy Taxi Next” (working title) and “House of the Dead 3.” The games will ship in the Xbox 2001 launch window in North America. Microsoft also announced that Sega plans to develop titles in its Sega Sports 2K3 franchise for the Xbox broadband online game service, which will launch summer of 2002. The alliance ensures that future Sega games for Xbox will take advantage of the broadband Ethernet connection and hard disk built into every Xbox system.

“Sega games will be awesome on Xbox this fall, and once the Xbox broadband online gaming service turns on in 2002, our 2K3 sports lineup will deliver some of the most powerful gaming experiences ever,” said Peter Moore, president and COO at Sega of America. “Xbox gives our developers a great deal of flexibility to develop games and gameplay that has never been played before.”

“Gamers should be really excited about what Sega’s talented game artists are creating on Xbox, now and in the future,” said J Allard, general manager of the Xbox platform at Microsoft. “Sega’s creative artists are imagining scenarios for the Xbox online service that will set new standards for what gamers should expect in video games.”

The news was made in advance of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2001, one of the world’s largest annual games industry trade shows.

The current list of Sega games to be shipped for Xbox in 2001 includes the following:

· “Crazy Taxi Next” (working title). Pedestrians will need to watch out when the “Crazy Taxi” franchise hits Xbox.

· “House of the Dead 3.” The horror has returned. Players will need every ounce of their reflexes and marksmanship skills if they hope to survive.

· “JSRF – Jet Set Radio Future” (working title). Players should get ready for a cutting-edge soundtrack, a groundbreaking artistic look and insane new tricks. It’s all about extreme skating, extreme action and extreme style.

· “Sega GT 2002.” This adrenaline-filled car-racing game features amazingly real vehicles and graphics.

· “Panzer Dragoon” (working title). Xbox owners will be the first to return to the stunning world of “Panzer Dragoon.” They can take flight once again to explore the lush beauty, fierce technology and mysterious dragon-breeding culture of one Sega’s most sought-after franchises.

· “Sega Sports NFL 2K2.” The substance, realism and competition of “Sega Sports NFL 2K2” charges onto the powerful Xbox.

· “Sega Sports NBA 2K2.” Touted as the best basketball game released last year, “NBA 2K2” makes its debut on Xbox and is sure to rise to the top of the basketball ranks.

Sega Sports games that will ship in 2002 and take advantage of the Xbox broadband online gaming service include “Sega Sports NBA 2K3,” “Sega Sports NFL 2K3,” “Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K3” and “Sega Sports NCAA College Football 2K3.”

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New Forums

Well, sometime yesterday afternoon, something happened to our original forums. We’d been using that set of data for conversing for the past six months, and I really hated to see the board(s) destroyed like that, but we need to move on. I’ve taken advantage of this and installed new forum software that is more compatible with what I’d like to do with So make sure you register (you can now post/view comments through the forum itself, requiring no other login data) and enjoy the new boards. :)

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Sega To Finally Commemorate Hedgehog’s Anniversarry

Yep, the guys at Sega are finally going to do something special to commerate Sonic’s 10th anniversarry. They’re going to release two editions of the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2. The limited edition release, dubbed the “Sonic Birthday Pack,” will feature a music cd, a booklet featuring the series’ history, and a commerative coin. The Birthday Pack will only be in Japanese stores (and import shops!) on June 23rd and 24th, and will go for the same price as the normal version (5800 yen). Core Magazine has some shots of the Birthday Pack’s contents. No word yet on wether the Birthday Pack will make it stateside, though. You could probably find it on Lik Sang sometime soon for preorder. We’ll keep you posted on more details, as well as have lots of Sonic Adventure 2 goodies next week, when Sega unveils more of the game at E3.

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More Toe Jam & Earl III Details

SegaDojo’s reporting some new details about the upcoming Toe Jam & Earl III (we had tried to pry information out of TJ&E last week, but they weren’t talkin yet). Evidently, the game will feature all of the original presents, randomly generated levels, and an all-new Jam Mode, which will feature a lot more samples that make the first one pale in comparison. Greg Johnson (“Big Earl” himself) also promises us gamers tons of goodies. You can expect a lot more TJ&E coverage later this week, when E3 is held, and you can count on for all your constantly updated coverage. :)

In related news, Swirlvision has posted an interesting quote from Greg Johnson, and it’s pretty vague… and scary, really scary.

“As for your email… we’ve been noticing this one word appearing quite a lot. It’s something like… DreamBlast or StreamFast& Uh, anyway, people seem to feel strongly about wanting us to build TJ&E III for it. Well, we want to say that we get the message, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We’ve been pretty impressed with Sega’s new machine too, and have a design plan that’s “whippy-smooth”, to borrow a phrase from one funk-worthy fan out there. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a final deal with a publisher, much less a release date, and that puts us pretty much in the early stages.”

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