After someone – sources close to the story say it was none other than the man they call ‘ryan81’ – mentioned that it’d been an entire month since his last update, Chakan, webmaster of Sega CDX, went on a huge rampage. 7 small children were injured and a whopping 2 dozen Saturn game cases were permanently destroyed when this normally calm webmaster ‘freaked out.’

One witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the scene for us:

Normally, this Chakan guy’s a nice, young adult. But recently, he’s been getting really weird, tossing proposals about dramatic site re-workings and such. But, man, today was just so… grizzly. I mean, I haven’t seen such a riot since my wife made me go see that last Chevy Chase movie. Shit, I remember I turned over a car and lit my cat on fire…

The witness continued rambling, so we’ll just cut him off there. An investigation is underway. What will become of Sega CDX?!?