Month: January 2001

New Addittion

No, I’m not talking about the band New Edition, I’m talking about the new Site Updates column to the right. It’ll host the little things like when pages are updated, that way I don’t have to waste space or come up with phrases to put around stuff like “oh yeah, I got around to updating the Flossing section!” What do you think? Tell me in the Forums!

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Shining Force 3, Scenario 3 Intro

Yesterday, I opened up the inside of my Saturn for a nice cleaning of the internal parts… well, it got me to thinking and I fixed my problem with my GameShark! I instantly popped in Thunder Force V… and after that (heh), I found my copy of Shining Force 3: Scenario 1. I instantly remembered I still had some videos laying around in certain places on the web! Don’t ask me how this was triggered, but I remembered, and that was the important part. At least, I guess. :)

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you: Shining Force 3: Scenario 3’s Intro. It’s 12MBs, so make sure you got the time to download it.

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What A Guy (el)!

Thanks to our buddy Guilherme (from the Shining Force 3 Knowledge Base), we now have the NiGHTS TV commercial!

You know you’ll get at least a small smile forming at the corner of your mouth when you see that ‘Play thing’ being tossed out the window. :) I had this video up earlier (when I was hosted at EmuGaming last Winter), but lost it somewhere when my last computer’s HD died. Thanks again to Guile, for sending it in to me. Remember guys, I accept submissions. :)

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Emu News & More

Takashi’s being hush hush about the odd image on Stardust’s homepage. He replied to my inquiry on Sega CDX’s Forums by saying “Don’t worry, it will all get much cheaper soon.” Following my asking him about what the unique item is, he replied with “If I told you, all the kiddies would want one too.” and in what I guess is Portuguese, “Deixem-me acabar outra catrefada de exames, por favor.”, which translates (very roughly) to “They leave to finish me another batch of examinations, please.” Damn Babelfish, speak American!!! :D

It’s always cool when emulator authors keep in contact with us webmasters. Unfortunately, it seems as if the Tazbounce emulator (see below) was a fake. I mean, I could be just a bit impatient or something, but the author has not replied to my request for a complete image of the working emulator for nearly a week. When others tried to patch the incomplete disc image, they were greeted with “DEMO – PRESS START” and could not find a way to load a demo. Like I said, I could be a little bit impatient in this matter, but it seems they released it and then left town. If you guys are reading this, email me and tell me I’m wrong. If not, we’re all left to second guess your intentions with the project. :\

You might notice me adding in some more sections tonight. I plan on getting as much finished as possible. Cross your fingers. :)

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Costly Message

Well, while browsing some sites today, I ran accross something peculiar at Stardust’s homepage. I guess something costs 1,000 yen, which isn’t much. I’ll try to ask Takashi what’s behind it all.

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TyRaNiD Responds to Tazbounce Project

As promised, I went to a credible source: [TyRaNiD], the author of the discontinued Saturn emulator Lucifer and an active participant in Saturn programming in general. I asked him for his quick impression of the Tazbounce project PSXKing (see below), and here’s what he sent me:

I don’t think it could ever be a viable emulator, [at least] by the looks of it. As [they] said, the PSX and the Saturn have equivalent power. This makes it impossible to emulate one at full speed on the other. Anyway, they have pretty much equivalent memory, so to emulate correctly you wouldn’t have any ram left for the emu itself.

Well, those are [TyRaNiD]’s thoughts on the project as is. I guess we’ll see. I still wish the best of luck to the authors. :)

Update: Do NOT try to burn the PSXKing files as they are provided on the site, as it will result in a wasted burn that will not run in a Sega Saturn.

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