sonic mania collectors edition header

Sega has revealed the Sonic Mania Collectors Edition and it’s available for pre-order now. Which is something you should consider doing soon since the fan reaction has been stupendous so far on social media. Sonic Mania has a scheduled release date of March 31st, 2017. The Collectors Edition will run you $69.99 normally and include: […]

football manager promotional post header

Football Manager is among the more overlooked Sega franchises, perhaps because it mainly satisfies a sort of niche sub-genre of sports gamers who are passionate about soccer management. But these games have been coming out regularly since 1992’s Championship Manager, and they’re not done just yet. Football Manager 2017 is due out on November 4th, […]

this day in sega august 18th header

We pushed around our eggs, War still totally rages on, and we put an end to the conflict with our Dragon power on This Day in Sega history for August 18th!

this day in sega august 17th header

A super Spy Hunter clone, the fastest duck alive, and the best and worst of Astro Boy are featured on today’s installment of This Day in Sega!

puyo puyo chronicle announced header

Sega will be releasing Puyo Puyo Chronicle, a Puyo Puyo puzzle RPG, for the Nintendo 3DS this December in Japan! This week’s Famitsu reveals that the game will release at the end of this year to help cap off the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Hit the jump to read the details announced so far!